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- Carpet & Upholstery Vacuum

- Cloth Seat Shampoo with Extraction (If Neccesary)
- Leather Cleaning & Conditioning
- Degreasing Door Jams

- Wipe Down Hard Surfaces

- Plastic & Vinyl Protectant
- Window Cleaning
- Steam Cleaning (If Neccesary)
- Air Freshener

Full Detail Rates (Interior & Exterior):

Sedan/Coupe: $250

SUV: $275

Truck/Minivan: $300

Interior Only Services are $50 off of the Full Detail Rate per Vehicle

Conditional factors, time and distance can influence final pricing!


- High Pressure pH Neutral Foam Soap with Hand Wash

- Iron Decontamination Treatment

- Undercarriage Wash
- Bug, Sap & Road Debris Removal
- Clean Tires/Rims 
- Apply Tire Dressing
- Window Cleaning

- Engine Bay Detailing
- Hydrophobic Wax Application

Ceramic Coating
Call Today for a Customized Quote

A Ceramic Coating is a polymer solution that is professionally applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect the paint and clear coat from damage and wear. This will last for several years and protect against light scratches, chemicals, stains, and provide a glossy, hydrophobic surface that will make your vehicle look brand new for years to come.


Gtechniq SmartGlass Treatment - $150

This is not your typical Rain-X. Add hydrophobic protection to all of your windows that improves safety and visibility for 20,000 Miles. Price includes all necessary prep and installation.

Gyeon CanCoat - $400

Is a Ceramic Coating not for you? No worries! CanCoat is a revolutionary alternative that provides the durability and gloss you'd expect from a coating, with a 1 year life span. This process includes preparation and a 1-step paint correction.

Gyeon LeatherShield - $150

Protect your leather seats from discoloration, UV Damage and spills with LeatherShield, a Silicon Dioxide based ceramic leather coating with protection lasting up to 1 year. Price includes thorough leather cleaning and preparation.



Machine-Applied Collinite 845 Insulator Wax - $100

Trusted for decades, Collinite wax provides an unparalelled shine to your show car or weekend driver. 

Headlight Restoration - $50-$100

Ozone Deodorization Treatment $100-$200

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